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A building with a one-of-a-kind appearance, built in a location with a unique view of really the entire Prague and its surroundings, well thought out down to the last technical and aesthetic detail. All the individual parts are put together in such a way so that you can enjoy them every day. Housing, which is unrivalled in the entire Central Europe. V TOWER, Prague is a home for those with the most demanding taste. For those who will really appreciate it.

Awards Received by the Project

The uniqueness and quality of the project, which is currently being completed, are supported by the awards and acclaim received from the professional community. They have appreciated the precise preparations, timeless technologies and the professional approach of the entire team who are signed under the construction of V TOWER, Prague.

LEED Platinum Pre-certification

The first residential project in the entire Europe with the LEED PLATINUM certificate, which places the most stringent requirements on the environment, comfort of housing and efficiency of operation.


International Property Awards

A receiver of two prestigious awards in the International Property Awards competition. In the “Residential High-rise Development” category, the project was awarded all 5 stars, and in the “Residential High-rise Architecture”, the project even got to the worldwide finals among the 8 best buildings in the world.


30 floors of Unique Residences

A sufficient amount of natural sunlight. Breath-taking views of Hradčany with the Prague Castle or the Gröbe Villa in the Havlíček Parks. Residences across the width of the entire building - in each of the 30 floors of V TOWER, Prague, housing becomes a unique experience. Smart cooling ceilings with graphite-enriched boards; a heating system in the floor along the entire facade and heated stone floors with walls in bathrooms take care of your all-year-round comfort. Perfectly designed acoustic insulation of all apartments guarantees privacy. The layout of the floors has been designed in such a way so that there are only two apartments at each elevator.

Excellent Advisors

In order to make sure that V TOWER, Prague is perfect, we drew inspiration from experience accumulated all around the world. We discussed acoustics with experts from the United Kingdom and lightning protection with experts from Singapore; the concierge service system is modelled after the one used in the USA; the facade design was discussed with specialists from Ireland… And countless others also helped with their valuable insights, suggestions and advice.

  • Albanese Organization, Inc.

    Property management, LEED:

    Albanese Organization, Inc.

  • RWDI Consulting Engineers

    Wind load, comfort and acoustics:

    RWDI Consulting Engineers

  • Billings Design Associates


    Billings Design Associates

  • White Mark Limited


    White Mark Limited

  • Prof. Brian Cody

    Building energy load:

    Energy Design Cody Consulting

  • Eriweld International Pte


    Eriweld International Pte

  • Cemex

    Concrete constructions:


  • ATP architects engineers

    Foundations, water tightness:

    ATP architects engineers

  • Pega hoist

    Construction elevators:

    Pega hoist

More than 90 % of apartments have been sold.
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