Ground-breaking Technologies and Services

Life in V TOWER, Prague is beyond the usual conventions. The design of the facade, the size of balconies, noiseless heating, special cooling ceilings, the natural materials used or the concierge service in the lobby operating 24/7 – and many other larger or smaller details have been planned in such a way so that all residents experience utmost comfort and can concentrate only on themselves. V TOWER, Prague is a building, which can take care of itself well in many respects, and thanks to how the rest is designed, you can rest assured that it will take care of you, too. Do you need help with flower decorations in your apartment, do you need an ideal place for a dinner recommended and booked or do you need to get an air ticket to New York?

  • Cooling Ceilings

    Special BioClina cooling ceilings from a renowned German manufacturer take away excess heat from the room. Their system of capillary mats is the state-of-the-art and most comfortable system that the current science knows. The cooling is friendly to human health to the maximum extent – you cannot hear anything and no stream of air is blowing on you from anywhere. In winter, the ceilings also become a part of the heating system and create the feeling of radiating heat, similar to that of a hearth in a chalet.

    A total of 1.8 million of metres of capillaries have been used in the ceilings, which is almost equal to the distance between Prague and Barcelona.

    Thanks to the graphite ceiling, the capillaries cool with temperature of 16°C–21°C while the conventional air-conditioning must blow air with temperature of 6 °C into the room.

  • Concierge & BuildingLink

    V TOWER, Prague will provide a 24/7 reception desk and five-star concierge hotel services, known only from the luxurious residential projects, for example, in the United States of America or London. Concierge will arrange various things for you, ranging from minor repairs in the apartment, the watering of flowers during your vacation, window washing, cleaning or walking pets. There is also a wellness and fitness centre, a swimming pool, a cinema or a golf trainer in the building. The online BuildingLink system is used to communicate with the concierge or to book the private cinema, the golf trainer or other activities in the building. You have access to this system anywhere and anytime; all you need to have is a mobile phone or a tablet with you.

  • Customised Facade

    A specially designed facade not only protects from the whims of weather but thanks to the large-format and threshold-free sliding door, it ensures connection between the outside terraces with the interior of the apartment. The glass, window frames and door frames have been designed uniquely to be used in V TOWER, Prague and have been tested on real samples in a testing institute in Germany.

  • New Generation of Heating

    Heating is provided by MiniCanal noise-free heating convectors, manufactured by JAGA, a Belgian company and the absolute leader in this industry. For V TOWER, Prague, a new generation of these well-tried heaters was developed, which not only has a higher output but, most importantly, has been designed to work exactly in those places where the building needs it.

  • Perfect Acoustics

    The floors are made of oak boards as part of the standard of the building. There are full 80 cm between the floor and the suspended ceiling of the apartment below. In this space, there are carefully selected layers of insulation over a graphite board, dilatation air gaps, massive reinforced concrete slabs, acoustic and impact noise insulation and other layers of concrete. These guarantee perfect noise insulation and tranquillity for the owners of the apartments on both sides.

  • Luxurious Materials

    Top quality materials for wall and floor tiles are a standard. In bathrooms, you can find stone tiling made from a single piece from floor to ceiling, specifically, for example, Bianco Carrara stones from Italy, Nero Assoluto from Zimbabwe or Green Onyx from Iran.


Freedom in the Clouds

Windows from floor to ceiling along the entire apartment. Large-format sliding door connecting the sunlit terraces with the interior of your home. Prague in all of its one-hundred-spire beauty directly below you. A space that opens wide in front of your eyes every morning. A view that will bring you joy every morning. A feeling that will make you feel liberated.

Perfect System

The layout of the apartments has been thought out down to the smallest details with unusual precision. In the best tradition of the modernist concept where form follows the function. Thus, smart layout designs offer a logical layout of the relaxation and daytime parts of the residences as well as enough functional storage areas. You will appreciate the conscientious emphasis placed on every minute detail in the spacious apartments suitable for families as well as in the one-of-a-kind residences.

Unique Natural Materials

The natural materials used represent a natural counterbalance to the stylish modern architecture and timeless technological solutions of V TOWER, Prague – whether we speak about the high-quality oak floors or large-format stones in bathrooms, which reach from the floor to the ceiling. Allow yourselves be charmed, for example, by Bianco Carrara marble from Italy, Nero Assoluto granite from Zimbabwe or Green Onyx from Iran. Their beauty does not age. With their purity, they are capable of enthusing you every day.

Comfort and Silence

The issue of your comfort has been crucial for us since the beginning of the project. This is why the technological solutions for ventilation, cooling and heating of all apartments have been designed with an emphasis on the maximum result. The cooling graphite-enriched ceilings or a completely new generation of heaters are among the most advanced and comfortable features that the current combination of science and technology can offer. And thanks to their absolutely noise-free operation and excellent acoustics of all the apartments, you can savour a real oasis of tranquillity high above the city.

Cooperation with the Best

Use of the highest quality natural materials for the interiors is not the end. V TOWER, Prague has forged partnerships with renowned suppliers of the highest quality luxury home furnishings. So, clients can choose from a plethora of exceptional home furnishings and accessories that underline the uniqueness of the project itself.


luxury interior furnishings from Konsepti

Bang & Olufsen

high fidelity and superbly designed audiovisual electronics from Bang & Olufsen


highly efficient and eco-friendly appliances from Miele


made to measure luxury beds from Hästens

Customised Interior Designs

The interiors of all apartments have been designed on a customised basis in order to utilise the advantages of the space and position of the apartment to the maximum extent. The final interior design is up to each client who chooses surfaces, kitchen and other furnishings.

  • Architektonický atelier Radan Hubička AARH
    Architektonický atelier Radan Hubička
  • Architektonický atelier Olgoj Chorchoj Studio
    Michal Froněk
  • Atelier Libora Zemana LZ
    Ing. Arch.
    Lubomír Zeman

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